Poetry, Vibes


I did tell you I’d wait
And I’m a man of my word
I thought what we had was great
Looking back, it’s absurd
How I thought we would function
Back in those days of naivety
But it’s been too long a malfunction
In deep depths of depravity
I think I’ve given up waiting

Poetry, Vibes

To whomsoever it no longer concerns

You do cross my mind at times,
Warm, fond memories followed by a pang of pain.
Once the focus of my rhymes,
now, the thought of you drives me insane
Funny how of the things that kept me grounded
You were one to leave me dumbfounded

I try my best to rid myself of the thought of you
It seemed liked closure was long overdue.
Plagued by your sickness
It makes me ill to my core
Exploiting my weakness
And leave me wanting more
This allure of yours is nothing new
For a while though, it was a picture perfect view.

College, Poetry, Vibes

Left Unsaid

The mind left to ponder,
began to fester and rot.

Forgetting those times fonder,
Memories persist from times not.

Maybe there’s apologies in order
But as we drift further, my mind does saunter.

Whether it was grief, joy or rage
Now they’re just words on a page.

Pages upon pages filled with these words of mine
But let’s insist we’re doing “fine”

At the end of it all, there’s much left unsaid,
Never to be heard, now that our bond is dead.

drugs, Poetry, Vibes


Started off sweet
Then came the obsession
You were not one to accept defeat
Till you took the nosedive into depression

A steady descent into the depths of depravity
Soon to witness the fragility of sanity.
Fear only the places your mind will take you
You arrive, its a sign. Chaos begins to ensue.

Did you not follow,
When they approached tempting.
Look at you now, so hollow.
All of that for nothing.

So much time wasted, waiting.
Decaying at varying levels of sedation
A lot of time spent hating
For lack of another sensation,
Leaving one in constant tribulation

Poetry, Vibes

Social Suffocation

Alone in a crowded room

Searching for a familiar face in this sea of strangers

Filled with a looming sense of gloom

Wistfully unaware of the dangers.

The anxiety grips me by the throat

And I can feel its grip getting tighter

And at the moment it stopped to gloat,

I feel the light at the end of the tunnel grow brighter.

Keeping up the fight but to no avail

Getting choked up and choked out

As I feel my being begin to fail

All I’m told is that it’s nothing to worry about.