Rant, Vacation Shitposting

You Bored?

I certainly am. Are you?

In fact, I’m bored most of the time.


(If you’re here, don’t deny it)

There’s probably a million things to do (and a few that I need to do) of which I am doing none. This is not a new thing either, it’s been pretty much the one constant thing in my life but funnily enough, that’s what keeps me going.

I look out for better shit to do, rather than the same bullshit I’d have to deal with, and while I may/may not do the shit that I find that I could do, the whole process of trying to find something to do is what lands me in most situations.


Inner me pretty much everyday 

But the moment I decide to do something, I gotta be occupied (what a fucking surprise!) and that means less time to observe and more of actually doing stuff. Which is not all bad, in fact it might even be necessary, doing stuff (eating, breathing and moving in general, It miiight be important).

And the moment you start doing stuff is when you realize that you’d be much better off doing other stuff, getting me started on this whole loop again. So I’m back to being bored and I’m rapidly becoming under stimulated again.

So as much of an anti-boredom advocate I am,

Embrace being bored, thats when the weird shit starts to happen.

And if it doesn’t happen, you might as well make it happen.