Apartment Hassles, Vacation Shitposting

How I Cleaned My Apartment

I recently moved into my apartment, which is where I’m going to be spending the next two years of college. I can’t really tell you how it is considering I’ve spent most of my time outside it (thus the delay in posting, just wait, there’s more coming) but I can tell you that it has been pretty chill for the most part.

For the most part.


Good Vibes and Better Coffee

I was having my coffee, to finish off a nice bowl of cereal. Staring out the window and distracting myself with my phone when suddenly, I hear a


Fuck. That was not a good combination of noises.

I look into the kitchen to see that my tap had decided to change ambitions, it wanted to be a fountain. Sadly, instead of projecting upwards, the water was being shot at an alarming rate horizontally.

I search on the floor (which was slowly becoming a kiddie pool) for tap, all the while trying not to get shot in the face by a streaming jet of water. I did find the tap, well most of it, I stuck the tap knob into the hole and it stopped.

It was done.

As I look around, assessing the damage, I hear a little shake.


fuck. again.

This time, I stand the plugging the tap, calling my caretaker frantically, he shows up, runs upstairs and turns off the water supply. He then proceeds to get a knub thing which was optimal for that situation.

It was actually done.

You might need a mop, he says. (should probably expect the water to be wet too…)

So as I start mopping away and thereby cleaning the place, I realized that there was a bright side to all this. Considering all my floor was covered in water, especially the kitchen. A lot the unexpected red dust suspended in the water seemed to make sense upon closer inspection.

I no longer have an ant problem.