Who am I?

Well as the title suggests, I am, in fact, just another typical stoner dude struggling to figure out what to do with life while living it carelessly for the most part.

More specifically, I’m a typical stoner dude currently (stu)dying CSE at NITC which is located in Calicut,Kerala, India (The place with the curry, accent, bananas and brown people for my more racist/less knowledgeable friends). I also happened to have stayed outside India for a majority of my schooling leaving me with a weird accent and even weirder behavior patterns.

As for interests, I have too many and too little all at the same time. The few things that have remained constant areĀ an eclectic taste in music, an undying love for animals and a general distaste for people.

Anyways, My name is Vishnu and this is the shit that I’m putting on the internet, hope you enjoy it.

And yes, drugs are involved in many cases,

Trust me, it explains a lot.