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“So now what?”

There are two friends from highschool (who shall be referred to as S.B and A.S respectively) who have always been bros. And as with all bros, we had/have our own fair share of experiences where we bro-ed out.

This is not one of those times (but also is?)


Bromance can get weird man..

It started off as a road trip to Ras Al Khaimah, (picture beaches and shit)

Simple enough, we got our stuff packed, met up at the metro and then headed out,

A.S is the driver since he’s the only one who had a valid license, I’m shotgun, I needed to pick the music and occassionally be ready to use Maps. S.B was the back seat, he handles snacks and makes sure there’s some conversation happening. We’re talking about everything, catching up on life since we were meeting after our first year of college.

It’s all chill at this time except we had to come to terms that we were lost in a quarry…


note the tractor and the general emptiness

But it was all okay, we had Google Maps, we got back on track after an encounter with some camels (encounter=almost reversing into a herd) and annoying S.B enough.

Before you knew it, we were at RAK.


It was very chill indeed.

Such beauty, so much chill vibes, a really nice place-

So Now What?

I don’t know man

We aren’t heading back


Lets keep going


And that happened, we just kept going, hit a few more emirates and just going with whatever was happening,

I specifically remember:

  • Eating from a “restaurant” called Chicken Hut in the middle of nowhere.
  • A very very dark tunnel
  • Being tortured by Hindi Pop music
  • Debating playing heavy metal while parked near a mosque


Fujairah had good vibes

But this was getting pretty pointless for something without a point.

We needed an ending point.

What we got was a phone call. It was a call from a friend who needed help. Here’s a rough idea.

Guys I’m stuck at Qudra, tires are stuck in sand

What were you doing there?

With a “friend”


So now we had an aim, we needed to get to K.V(who also happened to be underage and in a position which would probably not good to be caught by cops in)

We move, we’re on the way to Qudra Lakes, a nice oasis out in the desert, its getting late though….

We’re also almost out of fuel, we needed to head back the way we came from because there isn’t a pump anyway on the way. We go back.

We grab fuel (and more fuel from McDonalds) and we get to him, and his “friend”.

They’re stuck.

We shovel some sand, try to get some things moving, rev up the car aaaand-

They’re still stuck.

A.S and I head out, we manage to find some people who were willing to pull the car out with buggies. We tell them where to go and they go.

We follow.

Car Stuck

The view was great, but the car was still stuck


We’re not following after a while.

The tire burst. At the entrance to the lake, we can’t change tires because the rims were changed and the tire no longer fits.

K.V leaves with his “friend”, they didn’t need to be stuck and had to deal with more shit.

(Ironically, they were legit caught by cops on the way back. They cool though)

We’re fucked.


You have the mat and more drinks?


So fucked.

So fucked.

So we set up a mat, some speakers, open up fizzy sugar water and put out a few calls and decide to just sit and wait it out.

Eventually we did get help and we did manage to make it back without any drastic measures.

It was not the best of experiences but it was one hell of an experience.

At the very least, the view was brilliant.

Qudra Road trip

Almost makes up for the 3 hours we were stranded

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