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The Magician Phase

I like wasting my time A LOT. In fact, most of my time is spent wasting it (this in itself being one such thing) and the way I do this is by trying to pick up a lot of random skills/hobbies or by means of the internet. Most of the time, a lot of these hobbies show up when I’m definitely supposed to be doing something else but would rather be procrastinating productively.

Around 11th grade, during my midterms I was watching a David Blaine special and thought to myself,

I can definitely do this magic shit. How hard could it really be?

I had a lot of time (ignoring the exams, OBVIOUSLY) and just the right amount of cockiness to start working on a few basic card tricks that anyone could really pick up from youtube. It was nowhere near Blaine level but I could pick up enough of his basic tricks.

So now, I had a few tricks up my sleeve.

But what if I could do more?

Well, where do I start?

Google. Duh.

And so, started the magician phase. Before I realized, I had started to pirate videos(youtube had too many amateurs teaching badly), sometimes purchase a tutorial or two from websites for magicians and generally continue down my path of having no life while also being able to do sleight of hand.

Then came a sudden onset of ego. The realization struck me when I had people staring while I practiced in my free time on the metro.

I could probably use this shit to mess around with people. And that is exactly what I did, the most basic of tricks with the right amount of patter and bullshit explanations, getting those reactions which were very similar to those as seen on TV.

Eventually, I had a little following of people asking for tricks, loving whatever half assed one I would show them, fueling my ego, which while in itself was pretty satisfying, was paired with the fact that I could be a major asshole and it was apparently completely accepted and loved. I even got to shut down other asshole hecklers (like yours truly).

How could I possibly refuse that?

So, what started off as a way to kill a few minutes had now somehow become a major part of my life and actually resulted in a few cool incidents including but not limited to

  • Meeting David Blaine after his show and picking up a few tricks and a shawarma at Emirates Palace.(Even got a free deck because he thought my deck was absolute crap).

signed card

I got a card signed too, because why not?
  • Meeting an entire new set of friends(many of which are my closest today) as well as cunts (who are even bigger cunts now) who were also into magic.
  • Enough weird “magic” related incidents(which will show up on the blog soon enough).
  • Getting money and free food by doing “performances”(which all required minimal effort) including Dubai Comicon(which was probably the peak of my obsession).

All in all, it was a pretty solid skill that is pretty much inscribed into my head now.

A lot of people still only know me as the magician (which is sad considering that it really was just a phase) even in college. But as is the case with most of my obsessions, I moved on and no longer practice anything although I do still get asked for a trick every now and then.

I do oblige, as long as I got something on me that is.

And apparently, I still got it because the reactions are still fucking awesome. So if you’re ever curious, go ahead, ask me for a trick and I’ll ask you to pick a card. But keep in mind, I’m completely aware I’m not a good magician but that sure as hell won’t stop me.

P.S Click Here if you want to see an old cringey video of a little trick from back in the day.


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